Sydney (Australia), 2008

Sydney Cricket Ground expansion requires Freyssibars for the main transfer wall supporting the floor slab extension of the SCG.

Thailand, 2007

Concrete beam lifting thanks to Freyssibar for elevated path.

Thailand, 2007

Airport link. Segmental bridge for elevated train to new airport.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates), December 2005

Freyssinet Gulf was recently awarded a sub-contract to supply and install Freyssibar bolts to 4 crane bases in Jebel Ali Port, Dubai.The Client, Al Khaleej Sugar, has several sugar storage silos on site the largest with a capacity of 900,000 Tonnes. The crane holding down bolt design was value engineered by Freyssinet Gulf and saved around 65% of the original cost based on the initial designs. A total of 184 2.2m long 50mm diameter Freyssibar are being installed in the 4 bases. Freyssinet will then stress the bars once the crane towers are placed. Incidentally Freyssinet also provided internal and external post-tensioning on the silo’s and soil improvement to avoid piling.

Vegarrozadas bridge (Spain), October 2005

In north-east Spain, the Cantabrian highway goes along a viaduct 848 m long between Vegarrozadas and Soto del Barco. The structure is made up of ten 74 m spans and two 50 m end spans. Its deck is made up of a box girder that was cast in situ and is 11 m wide. Two precast 8 m cantilevers were fixed on both sides with 736 Freyssibar prestressing bars, 40 mm in diameter, with an average length of 10 m.